Horseback Riding. We are now taking sign ups for our fall English
horseback riding  program
. Educational program for children 4 to 16  
interested in caring for and riding horses. Participants will explore a variety of
equestrian activities and learn horsemanship, stable management, horse
handling, horse safety and care, while making new friends. We emphasize
team work & leadership skills.

Children will learn the different parts of the English tack and how
they can be changed. For Example: the bit of the bridle; learning
about different types of bits and for what discipline each is used. As
well as what effect each one of them has on the horse and his
performance. They will also learn saddles fit and use as well as
martingales and safety equipment like brushing boots and bandages.

Education includes basic veterinary. Bandaging of legs, causes and
treatments of colic as well as basic cleaning of wounds and what to
do to avoid your horse getting various illnesses. We will also have a
farrier to come and shoe when the children are available to allow
them to see how the horses are shod, and sized for shoes.

Riders will learn seat and balance and basic riding.

Riders at the end will be quizzed and tested and awards to best
stable management and other categories.

My Riding Program is a 4 week course and horseback riding lessons
are tailored to the ability of the rider.

Bring your own horse, or use one of our safe school
Beginning students can expect to learn proper equitation, how to
walk, halt, steer, and trot. More experienced riders can expect to
work on refining their equitation both at the trot and canter, adding
in poles and small jumps.

Hard shoe with a low heel
Long Pants for riding
Paddock boots*
           You can find tack and other horse items in Woodland at  

What other things do I bring?
Plenty of drinks
Treats for your horse
Saturdays are split into Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced horse
and riders and our Adult Horseback Riding Program.
Call for more

Limited to 5 students in Group Lessons. Taking sign ups now.

Series $160 / $40 per Lesson

Special discounts given to 4H , Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Groups