ASCA Australian Shepherd Puppies
"Dally" is the Dam
Sire: Click to zoom
Twin Oaks Little Claw
DNAvp, OTD-csd

Sire: WTCH Windsong's
Falcon DNAcp RTDcs HOF

Dam: WTCH The Sting of
Twin Oaks DNAvp HOF
Australian Shepherd Puppies- Born 5/31/07
From the left
This is the last litter by Twin Oaks Little Claw.
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Sires site
Twin Oaks
These are breed to be working dogs or agility dogs. The
mother is very good natured.  The puppies will have a lot of
energy and need homes where they will get lots of exercise.
Puppies have their 1st set of shots, dewormed,  potty trained,
water broke & learning to sit.
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Frazier is our male stud Australian Shepherd
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