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General Infromation:
Yolo county Landowners Association is an outgrowth of a meeting held
on November 12,2008 at the Heidrick Ag. Center. Sponsored by Yvonne
LeMaitre and Frank Sieferman Sr., the meeting was in response to the
Groundwater Ordinance, and Water Agency with permits, proposed by
Yolo County. Over 500 people were present to hear four presentations
on various phases of water priorities and property rights. Keynote
speaker for the evening was Joseph Scalmanini, President of the
Luhdorff and Scalmanini, Consulting Engineers. Since the November
meeting there have been other proposals that threaten property rights:
Septic tank ordinance, Re-entry facility, County General Plan Up-date.
There will undoubtedly be other threats to property rights in the future.

The first organizational meeting was held on January 19, 2009 in
Woodland, with 14 interested citizens present. A Vision Statement was
discussed, as was the 501C4 status for non profits.

The second organizational meeting was held on February 9, 2009 in
Woodland, with Eight of the original members present with several others
ill, or unable to attend. The Proposed Mission Statement was approved.
The 501C4 is in place.

At the next meeting, to be held on March 9th, discussion will be on :
Public Relations and Media Publicity, Annual Meeting, Web Site,
discussion of Articles of Association and Election of Officers.